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Hoda Lasheen Interior Design was founded in 2006 by our Chief Designer, Hoda Lasheen, with the mission to create designs that bring our clients’ dreams to life by reflecting their personality and taste. HLID studios operate in the MENA region as well as in the UK, offering modern, sophisticated, and elegant designs that bring comfort and harmony to buildings and spaces.

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Her greatest strength is her deep understanding of the homeowner’s preferences. She, then, wraps those preferences with her architectural gifts and expertise. Hoda Lasheen did an unparalleled job when designing my house. She puts simple use in one hand and the heavy heritage of Andalusia architecture in the other, blending them with her unmatched commitment to details and quality.
Hoda’s sense of colour is just amazing. My guests always comment on the beautiful choice of colours and express their amazement regarding the final blend of woodwork, curtains, furniture, cabinets and fabrics. They are all culminated with her elegant touch. Every part of my house has a real function and an elegant style that is simple, yet comfortable. Hoda blended her creativity with her expertise and the results were by all means outstanding. It was truly a remarkable and pleasing experience to work with this refined lady.
Her outstanding quality and meticulousness are what differentiate her from any other interior designer we worked with before. Hoda Lasheen sat with us at the beginning of the project and carefully listened to all our needs and preferences. She inspired us with her detailed plan and innovative designs, including gigantic custom-made paintings, three-dimensional wall art, hanging dining table and a state-of-the-art home theatre. We were left in awe and thrill when those ideas were transformed into reality. The reality was even more breathtaking and exceeded far beyond our imagination. Our house was simply flawless.
You displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition throughout our entire design journey. Your great communication, listening and organizational skills, kept us on time and on budget. Your patience was just amazing and your designs are magnificent. We loved working with you and your team and we give you our wholehearted thanks and appreciation for your effort.